Sensitive teeth can be root cause of multiple reasons. Now it is not tough to cure sensitive teeth issue as we have with us Electric Toothbrush for your sensitive teeth. If you want to get rid of seeing your Dentist every 2 or 3 months and still problem persist then try out the collection of electric toothbrush, we are rolling here which works well on your sensitive teeth and give no toothache or sensitivity anymore.

Our 3 Best Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth


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1. Dazzlepro Advanced Sonic

Dazzlepro is extraordinarily happening and its latest design suit your mouth’s inside…It has individual ‘sensitive mode’ to relief your pain. This electric tooth brush will not let you forbid your favorite cold or hot food or drinks. It minimizes the protective outer layer that is enamel over the crown or cementum over the root. So there will be no deal of pain due to sensitivity. Its design is large in size and there is plastic tapered in the midst of the toothbrush. It has warranty of one year unlike other electric toothbrush as they have 2 years of warranty.

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2. The Deep Sweep 1000

This brand is soft and lightweight as far as design is concerned. It does not let your teeth insert foods or drink stuffs and also does not cause harmful bacteria which give birth to sensitive teeth.  Give your teeth freedom from pain and use Deep Sweep for ultimate pain relief. If you are trying this brush with good branded toothbrush which contains active ingredients likes potassium nitrate which is beneficial in preventing the tiny tubules in the dentim.  Relief is obvious when you have good combo of electric toothbrush and toothpaste. Once you charge this toothbrush you can use it for 7 days without disturbance and it offers great deal of speed and you can less the speed power as per your convenience.

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3. Philips Sonicare 2 Series

Sonicare 2 Series is having ultimate design and does not give reason to your teeth to be painful as it clarifies perfectly in all areas of mouth to take out 99% germs and prevent sensitivity of your teeth. It treats so well over your sensitive teeth. It ensures and copes with sensitive teeth easily and without much hassle. Acidic foods are injurious for your teeth but you can refrain from its attack with care and cleaning through electric brush.  Sonicare is must use electric toothbrush as it can cure your toothaches in no time or it will not give birth to this painful cause sensitive teeth and gums.

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4. Braun Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush

The anti-germs Braun Oral-B clarify your teeth by rotation to eradicate the plaque which is not possible easily for manual toothbrush. This brush is interchangeable and its 7600 rotations for every minute ensure that it is working so well in cleaning your teeth. More cleaning less sensitivity is the mantra of eligible electric toothbrush. This can easily fight against the germs caused by fruits juice, oily stuffs and other harmful things for your sensuous teeth. It takes care of your gum tissues. •   The product is having two-pin UK plug that is only apt for two-pin UK electrical sockets, which you can get to use in bathrooms.

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How to use Electric Toothbrush to prevent sensitive teeth?

Electric toothbrush is softer and lighter and they do not treat your teeth harshly so, you cannot face taking away enamel and increase the sensitivity. Use the following manner which will not give birth to sensitive teeth.

  • Do not scrub your teeth cementum it will lack your teeth enamel and produce painful teeth.
  • Use your brush in all direction so there would be no recession of your gums or there will be no bone loss.
  • Cementum protects the root of the teeth so do not play with this by using your toothbrush improperly.
  • Use your electric toothbrush effectively and for 2 minutes so there will be no promotion to the sensitive teeth…
  • Brushing habit should be taken care by users and you cannot shun its importance.
  • Use electric toothbrush instead of manual brush as it has more features and separate cleaning option for fighting against sensitivity.

What we should consider before buying Electric Toothbrush for sensitive teeth?

We go for number of tastes by dentist and they prescribe major part of people to go for electric brush to cure the issue of painful outcome of sensitive teeth. The two minutes timer and cleaning mode and UV light is the feature which helps you to ease your work and you can save time with this. There is also automation of brushing process which will make you more productive so dentist prescribes people as well for more cleaning.

It does not mean that you should go for hi-end electric toothbrush. Most importantly you should consider your priorities or your necessities and accordingly you have to decide which can be your smart pick. There are number of option available for you from plaque removal to receding gums and from braces to perfect for travel. Now you can see people according to their issues can choose one for them. Electric toothbrush is indeed amazing to work on your teeth be peculiar in selecting for yourself through doing little research by reading blogs. In that way you can differentiate in better manner.


Sensitive teeth are intolerable and undoubtedly you need to be extra caring for your sensitivity. Nurturing your teeth in back position and pain free teeth is not tough to get as you have multiple option to choose from. We have gone through some test in terms of durability, submerged them in water and leave them for full 2-minute brushing cycle to test for water resistance. Our comparison has marked the conclusion that electric toothbrush is beneficial for the user in many ways.

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