Emmi Dent Pro 6 Ultrasound Electric Toothbrush

One of the Best Professional Emmi Electric Toothbrush with Great Design and super Features. This Emmi Pro Ultrasound electric toothbrush comes with Ultrasonic technology.

Only a professional can give to long lasting repair which truly rescue your tooth from damage it has been through. I am sure in that case Emmi Dent Pro 6 Ultrasound electric toothbrush is most eligible thing for you to choose from ordinary electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush. It has breakthrough next-gen technology that indulges in having your ever cleaning and fresh mouth. Cleanliness like professionals and you will enjoy most of its function. You can check its ultimate features and other details that will build confidence in you to buy this without hassle. Click Here for Buy this Electric Brush on Amazon


Features of Emmi Dent Professional 6 Ultrasound Electric Toothbrush

From where should I start as Emmi Dent Pro 6 is highly impressive from its design to performance everything.


When it comes to its design, it is look wise absolutely very standard. I love every fact about this. It has extra soft bristles and no pressure required while brushing with Emmi. Emmi handle is also comfortable to carry and using the button with one hand is easy. It is lightweight and good for travelling purpose. It has its own case that makes it good choice for all reason. The power button and the speed adjustment button are also placed in the handle where you can use it without difficulties. Though the system is automatic once you set and you do not need to set the speed and any other adjustment.


Emmi is decent in reaching to those hard to reach area of your mouth to kill the bacteria and germs. It can reach up to 12 mm deep inside the mouth and gives your tooth, gums, roots new freshness. No infection in your mouth will let you suffer anymore with toothache. It makes your teeth brighter without harsh chemicals use.

Ultrasounic Technology

Ultrasound function in Emmi electric toothbrush is best repairing formula for your teeth. For the best treatment of your teeth without visiting to Dental care clinic Ultrasound is best. It gives great cleanliness that you will not encounter any issues in your teeth. Your mouth will get newness and freshness.

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It has a power of 84million Oscillations per min there will be no germs that it will let yield in your teeth so your teeth will remain bacteria free. It is not ordinary electric toothbrush as it has superior ability to clean your gums and keep it bacteria free. The ultrasonic brushes and having 30000 mechanical rotations per min. There is also ultrasonic microchip which is placed inside the brush head. The chip is powered with 84 million ultrasonic air oscillations impulses per min that is good in cleaning the teeth with its bristles and Nano-Bubble toothpaste.

Where bristles cannot able to reach in hard-to-reach area, Ultrasonic impulses are able to take action against germs and bacteria. It minimizes the chance of having dental diseases.


The Nano bubbles are very skilled and able to reach at the gap of your teeth and cleanse all the bacteria and small particles. Nano-Bubbles are good in taking action against bacteria and bacterial infection. It has 1000x smaller capacity to clean. It removes plaque, tarter, food scraps and other impurities and dirt.

Other key Features

Other key features of Emmi Dent Pro 6 Ultrasound electric toothbrush will be described in better way if you will take a look at the few highlights. It will explain you in simpler way point wise.

  • Emmi is rich is features and gives lot of convenience when you use it for cleaning your mouth.
  • It is better in action and not like ordinary electric toothbrush or manual brush.
  • It cleans your teeth with full concentration and its power that no issues you will encounter.
  • It is clinically proven and reduces inflammation, bleeding gums, scrapes and periodontitis.
  • Nano bubbles are very active and it can reach to hard to reach area of your mouth.
  • Ultrasound technology removes all stains and the most important factor is that you do not need to use any harsh chemicals and bleaching for thorough clean of your teeth.
  • Emmi is so generous that cleans your teeth so will that it leaves your breath fresh for 12 hours so there will be bad breath.
  • No damage you can expect when you are cleaning your mouth with Emmi. Its professional leaning action does not let your teeth lose its enamel and shine. No common issues will attack you time to time.
  • You will be free from all common and even severe disease, if you regularly brush your teeth with Emmi.
  • Ideal for kids as it is so gentle and it cleans your mouth with its sophisticated touch.
  • If you are using braces then even no worry in cleaning your mouth in hard to reach areas with Emmi.

Emmi Dent Electric Toothbrush Price:

The price of Emmi Dent Professional 6 Ultrasound electric toothbrush is $ 189.This could be high price for you but before its quality and superior cleaning ability with Ultrasonic technology and Nano bubbles are more virtuous. It smoothly clears your dirt and scrapes without inserting more pressure on your teeth. Price is infact good for this hi-end electric toothbrush. If you will visit to dental cleaning it puts you in heavy expenses but when you keep you in safe condition with Emmi there will be no need to visit clinic time to time. So, Emmi is worth to buy.

Final Words

No other electric toothbrush will be actionable and responsive to this level as Emmi Dent Pro 6 Ultrasound is. It is very fast and protects your teeth from all worst conditions.