When you see Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush only one thing comes in mind is that it is so attractive. Its design looks awesome seems like love at first sight. The stylist look and compact design with power packed performance is something we look generally in out electric toothbrush.


The Sonic Chic electric toothbrush is quality wise absolutely perfect fit for gums, dental problem and other issues. It works well on your mouth and removes all the cavities and plaque in no time and no toothache will spoil your day and mood. The design and the powerful performance will not let you find any excuse not to use this.

Generally, it has been seeing that electric toothbrush is heavy weighted and it seems to have issue in holding the same but when you have Sonic Chic Urban then you will not suffer with this problem. You will have no other hassle when you have Sonic Chic.

Let’s get the review and look on the features to know more about Sonic Chic Urban. How it is better than its compititors. Please check:

Cleaning Power

Sonic Chic is constituted with good ability to clean better. It has head that vibrates at a rate 22,000 strokes per min. dislodging the dirt and plaque is easy act for this powerful electric toothbrush. No harsh treatment on your gums so it is very cool to brush regularly with Sonic as the gentle touch of the soft bristles will give you more than satisfactory result. The light movement will cleans better your tooth. More cleaning means no issues of dental.


Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush is so lightweight and soft bristles is best part of it. It is great in performance and it gives full comfort when you brush your tooth. It is so stylist and I love the print all over the body of the brush. The shape of the brush is unique and holding it is quite comfortable so your finger will be relaxed. You can move the brush with quite ease. Developer has designed this electric toothbrush by keeping in mind total admiration and comfort absolutely. The bristles design is also in a zigzag shape, in the midst of the tooth it will go.

Traveling is easy

This Sonic Chic toothbrush is perfect for outing as it is impressively compact in size and leaves more elegance and builds your standard when you take out from the travel case. Your friend will also like this when they will be seeing you using it. You will get full facility in using this electric toothbrush as it needs no charging point and electricity to charge it. So, you are free from this headache also.

Replaceable Brush Head

Brush head is not so durable so it needs to be replaced after the use of 10 to 12 weeks. The brush head comes in euro 4.99. After you feel like you should replace its brushing head then you can do it. Installing it is also easy and after that you will enjoy the newness of the bristles in the same brush handle. It is complete value for money. The brush head is not so expensive. You will not disappoint if you will buy Sonic Chic electric toothbrush.

Dual Speed Mode

In the mode 1 you will get the strokes of 28,000 while in the mode 2, the strokes will be 32,000. It proves that your gums will be germs free and safe from cavities and plaque as the strokes speed is so high that it will clean your tooth from root.

Battery Power

Its battery power is immense as it can run without fail for 4 to 5 days. It promises strong back up and you can go anywhere and charging it is also very easy. You are anywhere you can charge it with its battery operated function. AAA battery is so powerful and gives you hassle free experience with this electric toothbrush.


Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush is superbly design there is no denying with this fact. But when it comes to its price, I believe it will get full marks from consumer as the price is quite reasonable and you will love to have it. It is around $ 19 approx. It is fun to use and it has funny design also which is so great in looking.

Additional Features:

  • Flexible brush head that performs better in hard to reach area of the mouth.
  • It is so lightweight and very protective when you use it so it is no way to worry when you are using first time. It is entirely safe.
  • It is better in control and hygienic because it has cute cap also which you can use it after brushing your tooth.
  • It is travel friendly and very portable.
  • It has AAA battery and open up the brush and shut down it is quite easy.
  • It will make you groomed more and you will get better smile in the crowd.
  • Usability on the move is ultimate.
  • Ultra gentle bristles are full of comfort.
  • Replaceable battery and brush head.
  • USB Cable.
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach area.
  • Weight is 91 gm.


This Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush is so fine in quality and gives full comfort with its ultra soft bristles and at the same time no compromise in the cleanliness. It has dual speed mode and the precision head for deeper clean tooth and fresh mouth. You can move the brush after every 30 sec so your mouth will get all directions clean.